David Zsako About

David Zsako was born in Budapest Hungary in 1983 and immigrated to Canada with his family in 1989. He grew up in southern Ontario, and received a BFA degree, majoring in photography, from NSCAD University in 2006.

As a multidisciplinary artist who regularly works with paint, pen, photography, and collage; David creates extremely intricate paintings, illustrations, photographs, collages, and mixed media works. His creations are a combination of the photo realistic, the abstract, the figurative and the baroque. His artwork explores aspects of the human condition by investigating such themes as identity, hegemony, violence, sustenance, and interpretation of beauty. His figurative paintings are very freely realized and intensely coloured. The illustrations are taken from sensational images and through an excessive stylization process, translates spectacle into near abstraction not unlike Baroque ornamentation. His photographs emphasise subject matter through the use of post production techniques and through the use of alternative means of painting with light. The collage work is a tangle of popular culture and the mundane co-mingling together at times nearer to the abstract part of the artistic spectrum. Never content to settle on a specific medium, David's only consistency in the art making process is that of experimentation.

David has exhibited nationally throughout Canada including Calgary, Hamilton, Saint John, Sackville, and also internationally throughout Hungary. His work has appeared in several publications such as the New York Arts Magazine, NOW, Revizor, and Iniciativa Collectiva.